Classic Disc Bracelet, Turquoi


Material: Rhodium-plated sterling silver.

Stone: Jasper comes in a combination of red - fancy and picture types. Its hardness allows the stone to be widely used, particularly in some types of mosaics. It is also said to obtain a variety of properties, from bringing the rain to strengthening the stomach.

Impression jasper beads are paired with hand-polished, rhodium-plated sterling silver discs, crafted in our Imperial Wharf, central London workshop. Designed onto a closed elastic which extends seamlessly over your hand. Decorate your wrist with our iconic series of hand-carved, semi-precious stone bracelets. The colour and natural formation of our gemstones differ from one another due to natural variation, making each piece truly one of a kind.

Style: BL739

Size guide:
M: 17,5 cm
L: 19 cm

DKK 1.500,00

Size :
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